Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, also known as DBT, is a treatment we at R Rehab utilize to teach clients how to regulate emotions to reduce the self-destructive behaviors which are caused by intense emotions. This treatment method is a vital tool for overcoming and regulating substance abuse, eating disorders, anger-related problems, mental health conditions such as Borderline Personality Disorder and self-harm tendencies.

Aligned with our individual treatment philosophy, DBT is easily customizable to address a wide spectrum of needs. The practice of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy developments focuses on the four key skill sets. First, we build the skill of distress tolerance. Second, emotional regulation is touched on as well. Third, mindfulness and the promotion of living life in the moment and fully experiencing healthy emotions empowers our clients to reduce self-destructive behaviors. Lastly we utilize DBT to provide clients with the skill of interpersonal effectiveness. Interpersonal effectiveness improves the ability to interact with others. It involves skills we use to attend to relationships, balance priorities versus demands and balance the "wants" and the "shoulds".