The therapeutic technique of Experiential Therapy utilizes tools and activities such as acting, using props, role-playing, guided imagery, arts & crafts, music, care for animals, as well as various forms of re-experiencing, re-enacting and imagination of emotional experiences from past and present relationships.

Through the guidance of our licensed and trained therapists, our clients relate to past experiences which they may have blocked or still bother them. Clients uncover and release negative emotions of shame, hurt or anger. With focus on activities and experience, clients internalize emotions linked to success, responsibility, resilience to disappointments, and self-esteem.

A fundamental aspect of experiential therapy is that perception is directly responsible for behavior. Clients are empowered to experience positive feelings such as forgiveness, love for others and self, and calmness while living in the present. This shifts their perception of reality.

Experiential therapy is not one specific form of treatment. It can be utilized in conjunction with many other forms of treatment, such as music therapy and more. Clients find themselves focusing on different types of "hands-on" interventions and experiences, in addition to talk therapy through the utilization of Experiential Therapy.