Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment

R Rehab's inpatient drug and alcohol treatment center is a therapeutic program designed to help people with both substance abuse disorders and other occurring mental health disorders recover. During inpatient treatment at R Rehab all clients are monitored 24/7 and have the support of caring addiction professionals.

RRehab offers a variety of individualized and clinically-approved treatments that can help anyone recover from drug abuse.

Inpatient, or Residential treatment provides clients the structure, support and most importantly the accountability required to achieve long-lasting sobriety. During inpatient treatment clients participate in an intensive schedule of therapeutic treatments and form close bonds with others experiencing the same difficulties. 

Inpatient Treatment Program Overview

Inpatient treatment at R Rehab utilizes the highest level of therapeutic services available to those suffering from addiction. Inpatient treatment provides our client the opportunity to focus exclusively on recovering from addiction, healing from other mental health disorders, and improving their overall life situation. Located in Riverside County, California, our inpatient program is the perfect place for those suffering from drug addiction to focus on themselves and recover!

R Rehabs Inpatient Treatment


At Resilience Rehabilitation we believe in you. Our mission is to provide the best possible care backed by compassion to ensure you attain the best possible results with long term wellness. We offer multiple modalities of therapeutic treatment, exhausting every angle of healing for every client's unique set of needs. Treatment is provided by our team of compassionate licensed professionals that have been hand selected through a rigorous set of interviews and trials.

Our house truly is a home. We provide the optimal setting and treatment plan for anyone struggling with mental health and/ or addiction to restore their mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health. We would love the opportunity to help you uncover your inner strength and accomplish long term success. Discover that there is hope and you are not alone with R Rehab!