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Patient Oriented

We put patients first! Making individualized treatment plans, for each and every one of our patients.

New Approach to Treatment

Don't agree with the 12 steps, or do, we like to create an atmosphere for each of our patients to adhere too. 

Luxurious Inpatient

We strive for comfort with our patients, that's why our staff will accommodate even the most difficult needs ensuring comfort for our patients!

Resilience Rehabilitation

We're out here trying to uphold our mission, in order to help as many patients as possible, one patient at a time.

Holistic Treatment

Our Treatment team specializes in Holistic Treatment, utilizing Yoga, Diet, CBD, and many more to make your treatment experience excellent.

Dietary Supplements

Every person is unique, and we know that! We strive to enhance each patients diet, utilizing supplements and more to help meet their needs.